Brachytherapy Treatment

Brachytherapy treatment is a form of radiation therapy that implants brachytherapy seeds into or near the tumor to kill the cancer cells. At Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology in Tampa, Florida, the brachytherapy procedure is most commonly used as a prostate cancer treatment—an alternative to surgery. Brachytherapy treatment is also used for breast and cervical cancer.

About the size of a grain of rice, prostate seed implants emit radiation that travels only a few millimeters inside the body to attack the cancer cells effectively. This prostate cancer treatment has proven to be safe and effective, with a reduced risk of some long-term side effects.

In our Florida clinics, patients may opt to have brachytherapy treatment as either their sole therapy or in addition to external beam radiation. The brachytherapy procedure may require anesthesia and brief hospitalization.

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