Contura by SenoRx

The Florida cancer specialists at Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology offer an alternative breast cancer treatment for women who are not candidates for MammoSite treatment. Contura by SenoRx is a more flexible procedure that permits precise radiation of irregular lympectomy cavities. Our cancer treatment center is the first in the Tampa, FL area to offer this option.

Using a balloon applicator, our Florida cancer specialists can deliver multiple radiation seeds with accuracy to prevent potential cancer recurrence in the lympectomy site. Radiation of surrounding healthy tissue is minimized.

Serving patients throughout central Florida, cancer specialists at our cancer treatment center use the Contura procedure to reduce radiation treatment from 5+ weeks to 5 days. Delivered on an outpatient basis at our Florida clinic, this treatment requires no hospitalization.

Contact Us the Florida cancer specialists at Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology today for more information about the Contura procedure and other breast cancer treatment options. Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology has multiple Florida locations in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL.