High Dose Rate Radiation Therapy

Our Tampa Bay cancer treatment center in Tampa, Florida offers a range of advanced cancer radiation therapy options. High dose radiation therapy is a type of brachytherapy that rapidly delivers radiation to the cancer site in 10-20 minutes.

Radioactive seeds are inserted into or near the cancer tumor and then removed at the end of the therapy session at our Florida treatment facility. They are not left in the body, as in standard internal radiation therapy treatments.

High dose cancer radiation therapy permits precise control over the amount of radiation delivered and limits the exposure of nearby healthy tissue. This type of radiation therapy treatment can be done in a short series of outpatient visits to our Tampa Bay cancer therapy center in Tampa FL.

Contact Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology today for more information about high dose radiation therapy and other radiation therapy treatment options. Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology has multiple Florida facilities located in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL.