Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

For patients seeking radiation therapy in Tampa, our Florida cancer treatment centers offer state-of-the-art treatments such as intensity modulated radiation therapy. IMRT uses very precise imaging techniques and a linear accelerator to deliver radiation to the tumor three dimensionally.

Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology, with locations in and around Tampa Bay, Florida, uses IMRT to target the cancer site with the maximum radiation dose, delivered in hundreds of thin, individually controlled beams. Intensity modulated radiation therapy is a complex technique that spares healthy tissues by bending radiation beams around them — something no other form of radiation can do.

The availability of IMRT radiation therapy in Tampa gives our Florida patients access to one of the most advanced cancer treatments in a local setting. This type of radiation therapy at Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology usually takes four to eight weeks.

Contact Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology today for more information about intensity modulated radiation therapy and other radiation therapy treatment options. Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology has multiple Florida facilities located in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL.