Leipzig & Valencia

Skin cancer is on the rise in Tampa, Florida and throughout the Southeast. To provide patients with the latest treatment options, our Tampa cancer center offers Leipzig and Valencia procedures for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers.

The first free-standing cancer treatment center in Tampa, Florida to provide these treatments, our clinic gives patients a faster, less invasive choice for superficial skin cancers. Leipzig and Valencia treatments available at our Tampa cancer center can be completed in 2 weeks vs. 5-6 weeks for conventional radiation therapy.

Other advantages for patients are no pain, no cosmetic damage to the skin and no medication or anesthesia needed. The specialists at our Tampa cancer center design treatments to meet individual patient needs.

Contact Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology cancer treatment center today for more information about Leipzig and Valencia procedures and other cancer treatment options. Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology has multiple cancer treatment centers located in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL.