Prostate Seed Implants

The cancer surgeons at Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology in Florida create the best prostate cancer treatment plan for each patient. One option is prostate seed implants — an effective alternative to prostate surgery for Florida patients.

Using this prostate cancer treatment, the surgeon implants radioactive seeds the size of rice grains into the prostate. Prostate seed implants deliver twice the radiation dose directly to the cancer site, with less impact on surrounding healthy tissue.

The prostate cancer treatment programs at our clinics in the Tampa, Florida area also provide follow-up care. For prostate seed implants, this includes scans to check the dosage being delivered and the exact position of the seeds.

Contact Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology today for more information about our prostate seed implant program and prostate surgery treatment options. Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology has multiple Florida facilities located in the Tampa Bay area in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL.